Terms and Conditions
Azulsahara is a registered trademark of MWONO STUDIO SL.  To adquire the products offered on it´s website, MWONO STUDIO SL, will ask users to fill in a form in order to register themselves.  The data requested (name, surnames, ID, address, e-mail and contact telephone number) will be entered in a protected file (according to Spanish regulations, National Agency of Data Protection, Ley Orgánica 15/1999).  MWONO STUDIO SLhas the commitment of not to give, lend or sell any of this data to other people, using it only for the uses it was requested for.

We inform you that the data provided and e-mails will be processed automatically and manually by our computer systems, so that you can be registered onto our website and we can attend your requestes, incorporate you on our contacts list so we can send you via e-mail,fax,sms or postage, information on our products and services.

All the data given by the user, who must be over 18 years of age, must be truthful if this was not the case MWONO STUDIO SL can put an end unilaterally to the agreement between MWONO STUDIO SL and the user for the present time or for future occasions.

If any of the data should be modified, you should let us know in writing including a photocopy of your ID.

The Ley Orgánica 15 /1999 of 13 December, about data protection, gives you the right to be able to have access, rectify, cancel, modify or object to the data.  To do any of these you have to send it in writing to MWONO STUDIO SL at the following address: Majada de las monjas 36,  Becerril de la Sierra, 28490 Madrid.

Once you have filled in the form, the user can identify him/herself on the website by using the user´s name  and password chosen, which are of personal use to access to the website and can´t be transferred to anyone else. The user has to look after them.

Once you have entered the website using your identification (name and password), you can go adding to your shopping cart all the desired products, prices don´t include VAT (18%), by filling in the order form. This means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.


MWONO STUDIO SL is not responsible of the payment of any sort of taxes, duty fees or other charges and expenses to which the user might be obliged to in his/her place of  residence.  MWONO STUDIO SL  does not pay the Cnary  Islands IGIC or island duties.

The minimum order is of 15 units (invitations).

Clients that require an invoice must ask for it when doing the order at the following emailAddress info@azulsahara.com You must include any data on tax information if the data required is not the same as the one you filled in your order form as well as your VAT number.  If this is not so you will only receive a delivery note with your order.


The following clauses will apply when buying from azulsahara:

Your order will be confirmed on your behalf when you pay it.  We do not admit modifications once this is done.

The price of azulsahara´s products comes in euros without VAT.  The corresponding VAT  will appear as you do your shopping.


You can choose between:

1. Online payment using your credit card or bank transfer through Paypal gateway at your disposal on our web page.

2. Only for Spain, online payment using your credit card through La Caixa gateway. La Caixa will send you an SMS with a code to confirm the payment.

3. Only for Spain, by bank transfer.  To choose this form of payment you have got to enter bank transfer option when paying. To formalize your order you have to pay in the money into the number of account that is shown.  So that the order doesn´t suffer any delays you can send us a  copy of the payment slip to oue e-mail address.

4. If you want you can pay 60% when doing the order and the rest before delivery, you have to do this through bank transfer and choose the option in 2 instalments.  We will send you an estimate with both cuotas,  All orders over 200 euros can be paid in two instalments. The second quota of 40% can be paid against receival when the order arrives at your home address.  If you choose paying in this way the commission of the delivery express company must be paid by the client.


Transport and transport expenses:
The client has to pay for the transport expenses whens/he pays the order. The amount that the transport expenses add to can be visualized through the shopping cart once you have registered as a website user.


Invitations and accessories samples:
These are sent without customizing.  The maximum number of samples you can request is of 5 items per wedding couple.


Proof policy:
Once you have done your order azulsahara sends a PDF of the text and illustration so that you can see what it looks like and so that you can verify that all the information is correct before it is prited out.  You can do two proof changes, further proof changes will cost 30 euros each.  Before an order is printed out it needs the approval of the customer.


Products availability:
If products have been ordered and there are no more in stock, azulsahara will offer the customer an alternative model or give the money back.

There might be a slight variation between the colour of the final product and that shown on the website photograph.

Trademark rights and Copyright


All our designs are exclusive and they have a copyright on them.  Azulsahara can cancel an order and will give the money back if it believes it undermines it´s copyright.


Return policy:
Once the order is formalized, azulsahara will not accept any complaints except if the products have been damaged due to transport.

All azulsahara´s products are customized and done prior petition, therefore if an order is sent back azulsahara will have to carefully study why this has taken place.  All our order are closely examined and revised before they are sent off, in this way we can guarantee the quality of our products.  If it´s azulsahara´s mistake we will solve the problem without any additional cost to the customer but if it is a mistake when you send us the text for the invitations, thank you cards or other accessories we will print them out again at the client´s cost.


When using the website you are not allowed to:

  • restrict or inhibit the use of the website to any visitor or registered user of the website by altering the website
  • use the website for illegal purposes
  • transmit illegal , fraudulent, threatening, abusive, slanderous, obscene or in any other way data you can object to, or goes against copyrights or other rights of the company or third persons
  • saturate the e-mails at your disposition with non requested information or take part in other vandalic acts
  • send a programme or other materials that contain virus or destructive and harmful elements
  • modify, adapt, sublet, traduce, sell or take apart any of the parts of this website
  • remove any warning of copyrights, trademark or patrimonial rights in this website
  • redirect any of the parts of this website without our previous authorization
  • copy the website, partially or totally, for your own commercial purposes or of other
  • lend, lease or sell your rights´as a website user (name and password) to other people


Laws and Court jurisdiction
The contract between MWONO STUDIO SL and the customer will de dealt by Spanish law.  If both parties don´t agree on something there will be a maximum of 20 natural days, since one of the parties notifies the other in a reliable way that there is a disagreement on something, to try and sort things out in an amiable way.

If they come to no agreement, the solution will be dictamined by the Junta Arbitral de Consumo of Madrid, the customer will have to renounce to any others court jurisdiction.  Both parties will have to agree to accept the resolution, if this resolution was declared invalid, both parties will have to go to the Madrid Courts, renouncing to take the case to any other Court even if they have the right to it.